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Creative Marketing is about thinking outside the box, but more importantly it takes guts.

It's about adding a spark of magic, a touch of spontaneity, and an element of surprise to your marketing strategy. Whether you have a big budget or not, anyone who is willing to explore and experiment with untraditional marketing can do it.

Business schools will often teach their students that marketing takes a lot of capital, strong connections with the right people, and a genius mind (almost unattainable quality like). If you're a small business owner, forget about it. However, the truth is, if you are in business, you must do marketing. Getting good at marketing will take some practice, but it's do-able and I'm here to help you!

At the end of the day, marketing is about communicating your message to the right audience, struck a cord in your customers that would compel them to throw money at you.

Here are 4 ways that you can do as a business owner to give your company a creative marketing boost:

1. Be interesting (not just be liked)

Having your customer like you is important, but getting yours customers to trust you and worship you is a lot harder. If you become a thought leader in your domain, you will have authority over them. With so many free social media channels open to you, you can stand out from the big guys if you have something interesting and valuable to say. For example, if you are a jam-making home business, you can talk about your techniques, where you pick your fruits, how you preserve and prepare them. Chances are your customers are also interested in healthy eating in general, so you can share news on health-related information.

2. Be intimately close to your customers

Use the fact that you are a small business to your advantage because you can be on the front line of the business to get to know your customers and have genuine conversations with them. People are never loyal to the product itself, but are loyal to the relationships they have with the people behind the products, whether that's a close-knitted fan-base and community or with the provider of the products (aka you!).

3. Be human

Brands exist because people cannot identify with the nuts and bolts of a business, but they can identify with a personality that is the brand of your company. Therefore, do not strive to be more “professional”, but strive to be human. Express emotions, ups-and-downs, and most importantly humour. In a world where businesses all try to out-luster each other, it's a breath of fresh air for your customers if you let your personality shine through your business.

4. Provide testimonials

With so many products out there competing for your customer's time and money, the customers have unconsciously formed ways to cut through the clutter. One of the ways is to look for social proof in products, which makes sense. If no one is talking about it and confirming the value of your product, they are less likely to try it. Take advantage of a great online survey software program to conduct a survey of your customers and gather feedback and testimonials so you can integrate it into your marketing message. The survey will also be helpful for you to hear what your customers have to say for future improvements.

Just think, how do you brighten up your customer's day?